The Life and Death of Kurdish Leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou

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Carol Prunhuber holds a degree in literature from UCAB, Caracas, and a doctorate in Ibero-American studies from Université Paris VII. Her publications include Sangre y asfalto: 135 días en las calles de Venezuela (2019); The Passion and Death of Rahman the Kurd (2009); Femmes: Les Grands Mythes à travers le Monde (1987); and Agua, silencio, memoria y Felisberto Hernández (1986).


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“Carol Prunhuber has written a fast-paced, stirring account of Iran’s treacherous assassination, in July 1989, of the charismatic Iranian Kurdish leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou in Vienna while he was trying to negotiate peace. Her investigative journalism reveals all we know of this tragic event and is highly recommended reading.”―Michael Gunter, Professor of Political Science, Tennessee Technological University

“Carol Prunhuber’s invaluable firsthand evaluation of Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou makes clear why he was the preeminent Kurdish leader of his era. Carol Prunhuber, who knew Ghassemlou in Kurdistan and in Paris, faithfully honored his request that she write his biography, which today illustrates his prescience about the Kurds’ fate―and why the ayatollahs assassinated him in 1989.”―Jonathan Randal, former Washington Post correspondent and author of After Such Knowledge What Forgiveness? My Encounters with Kurdistan

“Carol Prunhuber, with links to the Kurdish world since the early 1980s, knew Dr. Ghassemlou and spent time in the mountains with his guerrillas. Her biography is an impassioned, meticulously documented investigation that vividly evokes the enthralling life and final days of this incomparable Kurdish leader. This book, which reads like a novel, is indispensable for all those who are concerned about Iran or intrigued by the Kurds.”―Kendal Nezan, President, Kurdish Institute of Paris

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